admin March 18, 2020

All claims of controlling the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia have turned out to be false. The Saudi Ministry of Health, however, is saying that the number of Corona virus patients in the state is low. Within a day, however, the number of Corona virus patients has increased from 21 to 45. The Saudi Ministry of Health has reported that 24 more cases have been confirmed in the Kingdom of Corona (Covd. 19) virus.

Corona patients count to 45 in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia reports that the total number of victims of the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia has grown to 45, while several patients have recovered. Suspicion has been quarantined.

In addition, Karuna was confirmed in a man returning from Iran that his 12-year-old granddaughter was also infected.

Authorities say that in all 21 further Karuna cases, all people hold Egyptian citizenship. They have been shifted to Quarantina in Saudi Arabia. Citizens coming from countries affected by the Corona virus have been instructed by the Saudi government to immediately refer to ‘Health Unit 937’. Fear has left people in serious trouble.

Often people go to weddings and other events are temporarily stopped. People are also taking precautions when hugging each other. Even when shaking hands, they get worried. There have also been claims on social media that in many places in the state, the government has banned marriage ceremonies and gatherings of people.

Corona patients count to 45 in Saudi Arabia

The tutorial website reported that the Haile Governorate has made it clear that no such order has been issued by the Governor, which prohibits marriage and other social events. The news posted on social media in this regard is unfounded. People should not listen to this kind of news and only get news from official websites and authoritative sources. The governor has not ordered closure of the marriage halls and resthouses, nor has he issued any instructions regarding the cancellation of the wedding ceremony.

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