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This honor comes from the part of very few singers that anything they sing will gain acceptance. Bhangra King Malik is one of the singers whose songs have become popular among the public. Today there is a tour of the studios and many multinational companies collaborate with TV channels to bring music to their businesses. Studios are launching in the guise of promoting and making like-minded singers a part of it, but these studios have also launched a studio that seeks talented people from all over Pakistan and promotes them without any recommendation and money. And overnight the studio’s popularity touched on the heights of fame.

It is a studio “Milko Studio” in which the spirit of the studio has been very well supported by PTI KDJ and poet Qaiser Nadeem Godwin.

Milk Studio Season One is over and the studios launching in the millions may not have hit as many songs as the one released by Milko Studios, “Chase Big Aiya” on the roll and the reason for that song. Joined the ranks of the leading singers.

Here is a talk from Malco in his studio meeting

Bhangra King Malik started the conversation, saying that in my early years I worked hard, ate too much and even went to many studios, nobody took me seriously but I tried my hardest, hard and struggle. Continue. Today I am in front of you as a result of the karma and prayers of parents.

How did the idea of ​​creating a studio come about? Malik told me that I know what problems new singers have to go through, what problems they face and what problems they have to overcome. This is why I have given them the opportunity and I am promoting them so that they do not get upset in this field. I would advise the new singers not to give up if they have come to this and continue their hard work with good faith.

Milco Studio Season One has received immense love and affection from people on social media which has inspired me, this month Malik is going to launch Studio Season 2, which will also hear new singers.
Our government and the Arts Councils across Pakistan should not only make the press their own, but also take practical steps to promote music.

Al-Hamara is definitely working for music in Lahore but it is insufficient. He needs more work. Malik continued to say that Malik Studio has no sponsorship, it has been set up under your help. ۔ Sadly we were not even directed towards the government, I make all the money myself, while our arts have not launched any project to promote music other than making races payless and TAD.

In Punjab, the Minister of Culture is changing frequently and nothing is being done for the culture. The stools of our artists’ houses have been cold for several months. We also appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, Dr Ferdous Ashiq Awan and Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan to give us some idea for the promotion of music.

Official TV is our largest TV channel but with the shortest time for music, the promotion of music on state TV should be maximum.

I am ready to give a program of music on PTV. Whenever it comes to the revival of the showbiz industry, there is never talk of singers while Pakistan is known in the world as the music of showbiz.

Music icon teacher Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan made Pakistan’s name known all over the world but sadly there are famous singing families in our country, they ask neither the government nor the so-called companies just use it for their meaning. Fateh Ali Khan played a very important role in building Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. Imran Khan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan performed charity shows for Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital in the whole world.

Maluko did not answer many questions saying that I speak the truth but does not care about anyone. Parents have always asked to speak the truth, never tried to hurt anyone. If I feel bad, I try to explain it with reason.

On the question that you have participated in the campaign of PTI with JD Gudoji in his journey till the time of his becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan, Malik also gave a song which was very good in PTI meetings. Was there any way you were not satisfied with the policies and strategies of the present government regarding the showbiz? Malik refrained from answering the question and said that he still hopes the government will take care of singers like us.

Malik said that Malik Studio is present for every special promise, I thank Allah Pak for whatever position I have received from Allah and my mother’s prayers. I wish Pakistan’s music industry. I “stepped in” and offered all my support for the music industry. I want to see my music industry where it once was. I must step up.

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