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The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) is considered one of the most important film awards after the Oscars and the Golden Globe. The colorful ceremony of the 73rd BAFTA Awards took place at London’s Royal Albert Hall in which showbiz stars as well as the British prince. William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton also participated in the event which took four moons, along with the Prince and Princess along with various artists.

The BAFTA Awards 1917 robbed the fair

Prince William is also president of “BAFTA”, “Joker” actor Jacqueline Phoenix saw him and said that it was nice to meet you, to which Prince William said that I really like “The Joker” myself. Middleton congratulates Best Actress Award winner Renee Zlogger, who made her name for her performance in the movie “Judy”.

In addition, Kate also asked him if he had taken breaks from acting in films on which the actress told him that he was still acting in a number of projects, returning to the UK with great joy. Happening because she likes the UK so much.

Prince William and Princess Kate also met Rising Star’s award-winning Michael Ward, who was given the award on “Blue Story”. Recently, Kate was wearing a white and gold embroidered Alexander McQueen’s gown. In addition to the princess, Emilia Clarke, Charlize Theron and other artists also scattered the award. In the near future, a total of 25 different categories were given awards, including Best Documentary, Best Actress, Best Scenery, Soundtrack, and Casting. This time the BAFTA Award was made in the background of World War I (1914-17) The film is called “1917”, the film was overall nominated for 9 different categories, but the film took 7 awards robbed festival in the true sense of the name, including best film and best director categories in.

Prior to “BAFTA,” 1917, the Oscar also won the second biggest drama award at the Golden Globes, the first major film award. A large number of British actors were cast in the director Sam Mendes’ 1917 film. Have shown the essence of acting. The Best Actor Award at the BAFTA Awards was given to Renee Zellogger, the heroic heroine of the thriller comedy film “The Joker” released last year and the actress of the best actress, “Judy”.

The South Korean film “Parasite” won the Best Foreign Film Award. The “Joker” was nominated for the top 11 categories, but she was nominated for only 3 awards, including the Best Actress Award. ۔ The awards and awards made by the UK with the help of the event included Mark Jenkins’ “Beat”, which won the Best Debut British Film Award, as well as Syrian filmmaker Waad al-Khateeb and British documentary Monterey. Also, maker Edward Watts’ joint effort “Sama” was also awarded the Best Documents Mentor.

The BAFTA Awards 1917 robbed the fair

Event host Graham Norton had a great start, he called this year the year in which white men succeeded. Norton called the movie “The Joker” the story of a white man who was more himself. Bradpit won the Best Supporting Actor Award for her performance in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” but couldn’t attend the event due to some engagement and was rewarded by her co-star Margo Ruby. Received.
He read a pre-written speech from Bradpit, which started with, “Hi Britain! I hear you are reunited.

Welcome to the club.” Animated film was won. Lauren Adrienne was named Best Supporting Actress for the film “Marriage Story”. The “Joker” has also been nominated for 11 different categories of Oscars, after which he participated in the run of the recorded films Ben Hover, Tie Tank and The Lord of the Rings. Were.

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