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Laiba Khan is one of the newest but most talented actresses in TV, it didn’t take long for her to come to the acting, but in this short time she has made herself known and nowadays even her two plays “Mala Mir” and ” My heart is my enemy “on-air, otherwise it is very difficult to create space for new people in the inter-industry industry as a large number of new artists are working who seek opportunities from different sources but have their own It is difficult to exist.

But naturally talented artists do not need any support, but they continue to make their way on the heels of their talent. Leiba Khan has quickly made a comeback in the TV industry and not just the fans but the drama. The industry was surprised too.

Nowadays he is also attracting the attention of the audience in “Mala Mir” and “Miradal Mera Enemy”. In “My Heart My Enemy”, he or she plays the role of Sir Nawaz’s daughter Aisha. is going.
Talking about the showbiz career, Laiba Khan said that no one from my family had any showbiz with me before.

We are two sisters and now my younger sister Iman Khan is also working in showbiz. He recently played the title role of ‘Damsa’ in a drama serial ending from a private channel which I liked very much. She was not fond but always wanted to be a director. Destiny made an actress but she will fulfill her dream one day too.

I did some modeling for a while but now the focus is on acting. I am also working on the drama serial of “My Heart is My Enemy” as well as director Nadeem Siddique, whose cast includes Habba Bukhari and Nushin Shah.

Laiba Khan said, “I am a second-year student and am continuing my work in showbiz even though it is difficult to work with work but I am keen on completing my studies.”

I didn’t have to struggle much in search of work because all my hard work is done by my mother and it is to her credit. I have had many auditions, I have done many small things but somewhere I have problems or every assignment. Did not suffer because when you are good yourself then others do well. By the way, there are now a large number of educated people in the industry who have just come to work, even if there are a few bad people, you give them a shit up call.

“I have a lot to do right now. This is just the beginning. Sjal Ali is my Ideal Actress. I cannot act like that but I can learn a lot by watching his performances. I also like the acting of Syed Jibran.

I think I shouldn’t roll lead right now because it’s my beginning when I make a name and then I will also lead.

I want to do everything comfortably, do not want to run fast. Most seniors explain to me. DP Sunni Shah helped me a lot in this regard while Afan Waheed also gave a guide during “Do Bol.” Syed Wajahat Hussain and Ali Raza Osama are also very good people who played an important role in teaching me. On the days when “Do Bowl” was on-air, people recognized and asked to make pictures.

“My father wanted me to go to the Army but then he left me to do what you like,” said Laiba Khan, referring to his career choice. Mother taught me that man should never forget his times and should always stay away from arrogance. I do not have much passion for social media, but sometimes I make a tick. Sometimes it is like we both sisters three or three days. Referring to working on the silver screen, Laiba Khan said, “I do not intend to work in films right now because all my focus is on TV at the moment, I will definitely do films.” But not yet.

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