admin April 8, 2020

Why Indian marriages fall behind in Indian cricket captains ۔ Indian Virat Kohli is getting emotional about Kohli’s marriage and many questions have been raised on his marriage, while Hindu extremists have also been making good wishes to Virat Kohli. India’s ruling Hindu extremist party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state of Madhya Pradesh KML O Panna Lal Teachina has denied Kohli as a patriot.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the Skill India Center, he said that Kohli was living in India and made money from here but it was unbelievable that he could not find a place in his country to marry. Panalal further said that our goddesses got married here so Virat should have been married here and not in any other country. Kohli makes money from here (India) and spends millions of rupees he earned from India for his marriage in Italy. Does he not respect his country? That only proves that he is not patriotic at all.

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