admin April 8, 2020

Pakistan’s global professional boxer Mohammed Wasim has suffered severe financial problems while his Korean promoter has also refused to help further. World-famous boxer Mohammad Wasim suffered from financial problems While his Korean promoter has also refused to help further, in these instances, Mohammad Wasim has come close to losing the world number one ranking, if Mohammad Wasim did not fight big in a certain period, World No.1 will lose the rankings.

Boxing Council silver flyweight belt holder Mohammed Waseem is more likely to be honored, and his Korean promoter Andy Kim says I can no longer afford Waseem’s financial burden, as much money as he did All spent on Mohammed Wasim, Wasim is no longer one of my top priorities; now it has become impossible for Wasim to become World Title Fight and become the second fighter candidate in the World Title Fighting Diego Hega. He also said that now all the situation is going against Muhammad Wasim, Muhammad Wasim is a great fighter and that is why he should be with him. Or, Andy Kim complained that the government had sent a request to Pakistan’s top officials regarding Wasim, but no response was received, the funds that the government issued earlier were gone on Wasim’s preparations, now more money is needed. On the other hand, it is learned that Col. Col. Waseem is returning home in the next few days due to lack of funds, Waseem needs more than Rs. 7 million to prepare for defending his world honor.

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