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The Sindh government on Saturday gave itemized standard working methodology for organizations to comply with when directing administrations online as the lockdown to control the spread of the coronavirus keeps on staying as a result.

Organizations, chief are required to promise they will “attempt to direct business completely on-line/on telephone”, says a five-page notice discharged by the common home office.

They should then “give such endeavor before starting their business and will be pertinent to all people occupied with such business including Owners, Proprietor, just as their staff/laborers, conveyance people and so on”.

At the work environment

Organizations are permitted to work from 9am to 3pm with their shades down. No client is permitted to enter the shop premises.

Before they start online tasks, they are required to give nitty gritty briefings on the COVID-19 spread, preventive strides to be taken against the spread, and the signs and side effects of the malady to pay special mind to.

Working environments must set up directions with content just as pictorial portrayals of rules to follow in all usually comprehended dialects, for example, English, Urdu and Sindhi.

It is the proprietor’s duty to guarantee all representatives follow the set security conventions, said the notification, including that the arrangement of defensive rigging must likewise be guaranteed by the proprietor.

Among the SOPs gave — other than wellbeing safety measures, for example, no handshakes and regular handwashing — is the upkeep of a “day by day log of clinical history” all things considered.

Warm weapons must be utilized at all work environments to filter for fever. Laborers showing side effects of the infection must not be permitted.

In the grievous case a worker gets the infection, the business must bear duty and all costs for the treatment.

While making conveyances

When out creation conveyances, conveyance people are required to show a character card from their work environments, alongside their Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) and a log of every conveyance is likewise to be kept up.

Those taking care of conveyances should consistently wear defensive rigging, protective caps with sign of business on them, convey hand sanitisers, place the conveyance things on the client’s doorstep and wipe them with a disinfectant.

A separation of at any rate one meter is to be seen consistently and money taking care of limited. The business must give clients electronic receipts to the exchanges directed.


Any business discovered disregarding any of the set conventions will be obligated for activity under the Sindh Epidemic Disease Control Act 2014 just as any material work or modern law.

For this, controllers appropriately approved by appointee magistrates or secretaries may check the working environments for consistence with the guidelines.

Law enforecement offices, the representative magistrate, partner chief, and work division authorities are approved under Section 3(1) of the Act to give further requests or directions and make a move “whenever regarded important”.

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