admin April 25, 2020

US President Donald Trump has proposed contemplating the infusion of disinfectants into human bodies as a COVID-19 treatment. Clinical specialists and creators of the home cleaning item quickly prompted against it, calling attention to that the synthetic compounds can’t be consumed by people and notice that any ingestion could be lethal. “I see that disinfectant, […]

admin April 8, 2020

The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has appointed former retired Olympian Farhat Khan as collector while Farhat Khan has been made the new chief coach in place of Khawaja Junaid. According to media reports, the Pakistan Hockey Federation also made strange decisions following the footsteps of the PCB. It was normal for the federation officials to […]

admin March 18, 2020

All claims of controlling the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia have turned out to be false. The Saudi Ministry of Health, however, is saying that the number of Corona virus patients in the state is low. Within a day, however, the number of Corona virus patients has increased from 21 to 45. The Saudi Ministry […]

admin March 5, 2020

Authorities devised strategies to prevent political banners and slogans during the matches of the Dubai (NNI) Pakistan Super League. Has made several important decisions. According to sources, cricket fans will not be allowed to carry political banners and irrelevant play cards during matches, and such slogans can be fined, including being kicked out of the […]